Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mad Max 4 Movie

Director George Miller has been trying to revive Mad Max for a fourth movie more than once. His previous attempts may have failed. But it looks like he's finally found some support to develop his project: a Mad Max 4 movie is likely to enter in production quite soon. Well, that's what Miller told the Daily Telegraph newspaper. He also said that the new Mad Max movie sequel would be titled Mad Max 4 Fury Road. He's even hinted at a $100 million budget. But it's hard to believe...

I mean a few months ago he wanted to make Mad Max 4 as an animated movie in cooperation with a Japanese filmmaker. But now he's saying it will be a live action movie filmed, of course, in Australia.

Also I am wondering where his announced $100 million budget for Mad Max 4 is coming from, because no big studio is on board so far... Anyway, I want to believe he's going to make Mad Max 4, and I wish him to get as much support as required.

Now about who could play the role of Max Rockatansky:

- Mel Gibson once stated that he wasn't interested in reprising his role, so it's unlikely to be him, even if lot of fans would like to see him back

- Tom Hardy (RocknRolla) is rumored as being considered by Miller

- Sam Worthington (Terminator 4) is also rumored for the role of Max

Hard to think about a new Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson, but if they really have to take someone else, I hope it will be Sam Worthington.

For those of you who don't remember Mad Max: the universe of Mad Max is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which oil has become so scarce that people are ready to kill for it and in which civilization has collapsed, giving a free reign to barbarous gangs of road punks. Just watch this original movie trailer of Mad Max:

By the way any idea what could be the plot of the movie Mad Max 4?